"So that was pretty cool."

This site honours the memory of musician, artist, writer and beautiful friend Steve Banks. Steve died January 25th, 2006. He was 46.

Latest news...

Unbelievable, but Steve's tree in Trinity-Bellwoods was vandalized (stripped of its bark) in the summer of 2017 and so will likely be replaced, if that hasn't been done already.

Steve's ashes have been scattered, finally - June 24, 2008.

Steve's excellent art exhibition - The Last Picture (Art) Show - ran Oct. 11-25 at Beaver Hall Gallery in Toronto.

The memorial tree and plaque in Trinity-Bellwoods Park have been planted.

Three albums - Trans Love Airways' 'Beautiful Garage' and 'Medium Kool', and the Steve Banks compilation, 'Unlimited Edition' - are available for download at all the major online music stores. Proceeds go to the Steve Banks Memorial Fund.


There are also a number of free music downloads on this site - largely Steve's 'Robo the Fan' experimental stuff.